Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Must read marathi books

Must read Marathi books

I would like to list some of the must read Marathi books here. The reason I wanted to write list of must read Marathi books is three years back I was also looking for some good books in Marathi to read. So  I thought I would list some must read Marathi books which will help you. When I started reading these real good Marathi books, I really found myself lucky to get chance to read these high quality of literature Marathi authors have produced. Hats off.

I have listed books of authors from V.S. Khandekar to Achyut Godbole. In all the books below most important link I found in all the books is all the books keeps you engaged and I think that is the most important thing for new reader.

I would recommend you buy any one of them right now and start the reading this amazing Marathi literature.

Yayati - V. S. Khandekar

Yakshaprashna - Shivajirao Bhosale

Mrutyunjay - Shivaji Sawant

Shreemanyogi -Ranjeet Desai

Panipat -Vishwas Patil

Prakashwata - Dr. Prakash Amte

Musafir - Achyut Godbole

Yugandhar - Shivaji Sawant

Partner -V. P. Kale

Vyakti Ani Valli - P. L. Deshpande

Vapurza - V. P. Kale

Sambhaji - Vishwas Patil

Chava - Shivaji Sawant

Swami - Ranjit Desai

Bangarwadi - Shankar Patil

Yayati ( a literature masterpiece) is a mythological book which shows the emotions of human in all ages. Yakshaprashna will definately change the way you think and how you see the world.  Mrutyunjay is a story about Karna. Shreemanyogi is an inspiring tale of great King Shivaji, very inspiring. Panipat is a example of awesome writing, this master piece gives great insight into the Panipat war. Prakashwata I dont think I need to write anything about this book, just get the copy of this and read it. Musafir is an excellent autobiography of author himself Achyut Godbole.Yugandhar book gives a fresh perspective to the way we look at Lord Krishna. Partner is a love story but written by V. P. Kale so you must read it. Vyakti aani Valli sketches different shades of human characters a must must read.  Vapurza is an excellent read each of its page will give you realistic view about the life. Sambhaji and Chava a must read for every history lover. Swami is also historical book about life story of elder Madhavrao. Bangarwadi is a classic Marathi novel about rustic life of villages. These books I have not added by order, or rank. Hope you find this list of must read Marathi books useful.